United Yezidi Community of America,Inc (UYCA), is a non-profit organization through the voice of Yezidis in the State of Nebraska in the city of Lincoln, which has the highest population of Yezidi religious minority in the United States of America. This organization has been established via a group of Yezidi youths after a series of meetings. Therefore, this group of young people has reached to open this organization in 2015, seeking to unify their community and protect them from the dangers and atrocities, people suffered during the history of 74  genocide campaigns. The last one was in Sinjar district and its village’s genocide was on August 3rd, 2014. The board members of this organization are working extremely hard in order to facilitate the life of Yezidi individuals and protect them from potential subsequent genocides.

Our Community

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

One of goals is to obtain a piece of land for a cemetery for the dead Yezidis in America.

Our Mission is to serve, empower, organize and advocate our Yezidi community in the United States of America and worldwide

Estimated that Yezidi community population in Lincoln are around  215 families and there are many other families resided in different places in the United States.


Our Mission