1- Buy a piece of land as soon as possible to become a cemetery for Yezidis in America.

2- Build a hall inside the cemetery to be a place where Yezidis gather and perform the various events.

3- Build a shrine on the same piece of land to be the Yezidi symbol and be a place for performing religious ceremonies.

4- Build a cultural educational center to educate people with different skills and to provide the basic needs for the people of the city including, filling out application forms for all departments and professional business centers for the purpose of facilitating getting a job.

5- Establish aid centers in camps within Iraq and other countries to help refugees.

6- Provide medical resources and treatments to individuals in refugee camps, including financial assistance if needed.

7- Coordinate with other non-profit organizations, government entities, and the international community to provide psychological services and rehabilitation programs for those who were held captive by ISIS. 

 8- Aid in the process of obtaining Visas, passports, and assist with resettlement procedures for those living in camps throughout the Middle East.

 9- Work with the international community and the Iraqi Government to find a quick solution to release kidnapped women and children from ISIS terrorists.

10- To ensure that the Yezidi genocide is not forgotten, and help maintain the basic human rights for individuals who want to recover their homeland in Iraq.