Yezidi Holidays

The Yezidi religion observe four holidays or holy festivals:

The Yezidi New Year

                Yezidi New Year or “Seri Sali”, is where the Yezidi New Year start and celebrated on the first Wednesday of April in every year. Yezidis believe that Tawsi Melek first came to the Earth on this day and spread his peacock colors throughout the world; that’s why Yezidis celebrate with coloring of eggs, which represent Tawsi Melek’s rainbow colors that he blessed the all the world with. Yezidis also place anemone flowers and colored eggshells above their doors and windows as a sign of the New Year, and it is also a nice opportunity to visit family and friends.

The Fast of the Sacrifice

The Feast of Sacrifice, drew from the prophet Abraham attempted to sacrifice his son Ishmail when he replaced a sheep for his son that’s why some Yezidis also sacrifice a sheep, and they believe it will wash away their sins. This is the same time Baba Shiekh and other religious leaders all pray at Lalish.

The Feast of the Seven Days

The Feast of Seven Days starting at the beginning of October, is also called “Jema’hia a Sheikh Adi.” It is a time when many Yezidi families attempt to make the pilgrimage to Lalish, the holiest shrine. Yezidis believe that in Upper Heaven the Seven Great Angels gather at this time to show their blessings. During the week-long event friendships and families are gathers.

The Three Day Fast of December

 All Yezidis are expected to observe this holiday in December. They fast for three days which are called ‘Rojeet Eizid’ from sunrise until sunset. Then, in the fourth day the Yezidis observe feast day ‘ Eed” where they cook all kind of food and share with their families, friends and neighbors.